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Traldar Immortals

by James Mishler

This is my Pantheon of Traldar Immortals that I developed for my campaign to go along with the ancient Traldar history; these Immortals are the old Immortals of the Traldar, that were worshipped before the Beastman War of 1000 BC; they are still worshipped by the Traldar of the Hollow World, though Halav, Petra and Zirchos (Zirchev) are also popular Great Heroes... Needless to say, it was modelled after the ancient Greek pantheon, as the Traldar were also designed with the Greeks in mind. All of this is IMC, of course... [The Traldar Kingdoms of the HW, needless to say, make an excellent setting for a Hercules/Xena style game]!

Immortals of the Elder Traldar (Not including the Great Heroes**)

Traldar Name Common Name AL Areas of Concern
Asterios* Asterius TN Trade, Merchants, Thieves
Cthonos Thanatos CE Death, The Underworld
Daros* Kagyar TN Craftsmanship, Metalworking
Dianna* Diulanna NG Willpower, Archery, The Moon
Gaea* Djaea TN Fertility, Crops
Heilos* Ixion TN The Sun and Harvest
Hela Hel CN Magic, The Stars
Khoronus* Khoronus TN Time, Wisdom, Rulership
Night Nyx TN Darkness, the Night, Revenge
Panos Faunus CN Wine, Herdsmen
Protios Protius TN The Sea, Sea Travel
Sonios* Ilsundal LG Forests, Music
Tarastia* Tarastia LN Justice
Tauros* Thor LN War, Valiant Combat
Terra* Terra LN The Earth
Tyche* Tyche CN Luck
Valeria* Valerias CN Love, Romance, Passion

* These Immortals are the "Tarsian Twelve" of the Traldar. The home of the Elder Traldar Immortals was believed to be found on Mount Tarsus, the highest peak in the Altan Tepe/Black Peaks/Cruth Mountain Range. Though Daros/Kagyar had been the original Patron Immortal of the Traldar, the Traldar mythology developed greatly over the centuries, adapting many of the Immortals of the Earth People and the People of the Night (the local peoples descended from the Taymorans). These Immortals included Thanatos, Hel, Nyx and Faunus. Khoronus was the ostensible ruler of the Tarsian Twelve, though Ixion took the lead in many cases. These Immortals are still worshipped in much the same manner by the Traldar peoples of the Hollow World, though the Hero Cults of Halav, Petra and Zirchev are strong there as well.

** The Hero Cults revered the many Great Heroes of the Traldar people. While most were mortal men (and women) who had attained Great Hero status (such as Sclaras, still revered today in Thyatis, as well as in the Milenian Empire and Traldar Territories), a fair number were Scions of the Immortals (Darocles, the founder of Mesonias was one such). The Hero Cults of the Elder Traldar are still reflected today in the Church of Traladara, as Halav, Petra and Zirchev were Great Heroes of the last days of the Elder Traldar Unlike these three, the Great Heroes of the Traldar Hero Cults were not necessarily Immortals; a very few were Immortals, and while some others had attained Exalted status under their respective Immortal Patron, most had simply passed on as any normal mortal would, and their former Patron Immortal kept their spirit alive by granting a few spells to worshippers. The Hero tradition among the Hin of the Five Shires is also an outgrowth of the ancient Hero Cults of the Elder Traldar, adapted to the Halfling way of life and belief.