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Relics of Halav, Petra and Zirchev

by Diego Calugi

IMC I have developed some relics for the Immortals Halav, Petra and Zirchev using "The Song of King Halav" as source of information. The song states that the Immortals taught them how to defeat the beast-men. To do this, they gave them 3 artifacts: a sword (Halav), a long bow (Petra) and a spear (Zirchev).


It looks like a common bronze sword with a red handle, but it is a sword - -3, +10 against humanoids. Though it is -3 to hit against normal foes, it is not cursed: it is made of bronze and it is not well forged and so it is really difficult to handle. However against humanoids it becomes a powerful sword +10!

Special powers:
- - Victory: as a Rod of Victory
- - Rulership: as a Rod of Ruling
- - Weapon damage bonus against gnolls: it triplicates the damage done to gnolls
- - Knowledge of weaponsmithing: the owner of the sword can forge any bronze item

- - Body part change: The user's hair becomes slowly red.
- - The user must always fight with this sword, even if the enemy isn't an humanoid.
- - If the user is fighting with a gnoll, he can't flee.


It is buried in the Tomb of King Halav, which can be found somewhere in the catacombs of Lavv, under Kelvin.

Sergyev, the Patriarch of the Cult of Halav, is searching for the Tomb of King Halav, looking for his Sword. For this reason he might be interested in adventurers willing to explore the depths under Kelvin.


Originally it was a common bronze armour, forged by Halav himself. When he became an Immortal, he made of it a lesser artifact.

Special powers:
- - Armour Class bonus +5
- - Dodge normal missiles
- - Protection from some creatures (5HD)

- - Obsession: The user's mind becomes fixed upon religion


Sergyev has recovered the Armour of King Halav in 987 AC, when he was a devout member of the Church of Traldara. Wearing the artifact, he activated the penalty and became obsessed by King Halav and Duke Stefan. For this reason he left the Church of Traldara to create the Cult of King Halav.

Sergyev is very jealous of the Armour of King Halav and he keeps it safely hidden in his quarters. He is obsessed by the idea that someone is trying to steal his own relic.


Petra was given this artifact by the Immortals to learn the art of the bow, the craft of medicine, the use of the potter's wheel and so on. The Long Bow of Petra looks like an old bow made of wood and it hasn't got any hit bonuses. The Immortals wanted Petra to be a symbol of peace and they wanted her to use the bow for hunting and not for killing foes: for this reason they didn't create the artifact with hit bonuses, so that the hunter was not advantaged on the prey.

Special powers:
- - Weapon damage bonus: it triplicates the damage, so that the prey might die without suffer from wounds.
- - Knowledge of the art of bow, the craft of medicine, the use of the potter's wheel, the spinning of flax and the use of the loom.
- - Repair normal object

- - If it is used more then four times a day (enough to get food), the arrows hit the user and do the biggest damage possible (with the weapon damage bonus).


The Long Bow of Petra belongs to the Church of Traldara. It was not built as a weapon and for this reason it is now used by the church as a symbol of peace.


This is a normal holy symbol made of wood, used by Petra during her mortal life. It is located in a forgotten church, which was destroyed long ago by goblins, somewhere east of Krakatos (the city ruled by Petra in her mortal life).

The Church of Traldara would pay a lot of money for it.


It is an elegant robe made of silk. It is red and yellow (a picture can be found on page 6 of KKoA) and she used to wear it in the throne room of Krakatos. It was found in a locked chest in the ruins of Krakatos in 1010 AC, during the construction of the Karameikan School of Magecraft.

Now it belongs to the Church of Traldara.


This is a two handed spear, made of wood and bronze. It looks quite common. It is a spear +5.

Special powers:
- - Hide in shadow
- - Move silently
- - Hear noise
- - Set normal trap
- - Control animals

- - Behaviour change: the user becomes unsociable, wild, with rough manners. He often spends many days alone in the woods, he starts talking with animals and loosing friends.
- - Body part change: the user gets more and more similar to animals. Hair grows on his body, his teeth become sharper and so on.


Now the Spear of Zirchev belongs to the treasure of the adult green dragon who lives in the Dymrak Forest. Zirchev himself gave the spear as a gift to the dragon's mother, when she saved his life.


It a bronze elm which allows the user to speak with animals. It was found by the goblins "Wolf's Skull" (B10) in an old cave, where Zirchev used to spend his night. Their leader discovered his powers only years after.


I've heard that this relic is described in an adventure. Can someone give me some details?