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Experiences Playing Eye of Traldar

by Shuu Akibana

Anchovy the Human Cleric

Kothar the Lizardfolk Rogue

Leoxian the Half-elf Monk

Morak the Tiefling Bard

Yuck the Goblin Barbarian

If anyone still remember, I posted the introduction of our new party's first adventure: The Eye of Traldar, a classic module of BECMI (even though I myself did not use the system of BECMI, but another d&d system).

So for now, I want to post here our first session and experiences of the module.








The adventure start with one of the most cliche starting points: Our adventurers were resting in a forest near the Westron road after some adventures; Yuck (our Goblin Barbarian) complained that the hare-meat is too dry and bland, unlike some tiger-meat he used to eat, while Leoxian, the Half elf Monk was complaining about him as a vegan and cannot eat meat. The Bard, Morak the Tiefling tried to stir the air with his drums. Anchovy the Cleric was reading maps, trying to find out that there will be how many days to reach Specularum. Kothar, out Lizardfolk Rogue was enjoying his meal in silent, crave the meat in Yuck's hand.

Thats when the trouble began. Alexei the Fighter - one of the most important NPCs in the module (even though our adventurers still did not find out about that then) rushed out from the forest on a near-dead horse, yelling about someone is coming to get them, and they should prepare for battle. Our adventurers took the first chance to find a place between the trees, got away from vision of uninvited guests, Yuck put off the campfire in panic, took away the last light our PCs have.

Then the mercenaries and the thugs came out, Kothar started the battle with a hit by his javelin, making one of the mercenaries injured. Leoxian almost eliminated one of the thugs before being stabbed in the torso. He bleeded and nearly became unconscious. Morak took a chance to cast Longstrider spell on Yuck, who immediately rushed out of the hideout and headshot one of the thugs with his javelin.

Anchovy, who did not see anything due to the lack of light, cast Light spell on Leoxian, making him a living-torch, and then quickly cameback to the campfire to pick up his shield and mace. In the meantime, Yuck took a shot in the back by a hidden sniper (the one our PCs did not recognize then) but it just made him rage more: "WHO TICKLING ME BACK??" And then three mercenaries attacked. Anchovy quickly got injured due to his unarmed state. Alexei got stuck in a sword-fight with a mercenary while the last one attacked Kothar unsuccessfully.

Kothar attacked his opponent with javelin and nearly missed again while the last thug took a combo of 2-blows from Leoxian (who then ran back to the campfire for being healed) before stabbing Yuck, enraging the latter enough to be disemboweled by a swing of axe from the goblin. Morak continuosly missed with his crossbow while the goblin ragely ran into the fight by the campfire with the fallen enemy's ears in his hand. Anchovy had healed Leoxian right before taking a fatal blow in the back from the hidden sniper and nearly went unconscious. Yuck go toe-to-toe with the mercenary that attacked Anchovy. Meanwhile Alexei beheaded his opponent after tripping him off his balance and making him proned.

The battle came to the end. Torstar (the coward leader of attackers), the elvish-sniper and the two left of mercenaries ran away. Yuck and Leoxian tried to hold'em but failed unfortunately. They got away really fast. Now the night has become peaceful again, is time they question Alexei about his motives and identifies of their attackers - but that have to wait for the next session!