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Thoughts on Tuma as City of Followers of Earth

by Joaquin Menchaca

I'm reading this city Tuma in the B8: Journey to the Rock, ruled by council of wizards and had buildings made of metal with what seems like skyscrapers, and I am thinking to myself...

These sound like Earth Elementalist.... maybe from the same planet that Flaems (Glantri, Honor Island) and Alphatia come from.

This would have been a deposit of Taerm / (Followers of Earth). They travel through inter-dimensional tunnels that travel great distances in a short amount of time and space. Perhaps they ported their city from the previous home-world to this location. Predicting a catastrophic war, they started relocating early, and arrived on Mystara during the height of Nithian empire. A war broke out between Nithia and the new arrivals at Tuma, where the Tuma didn't win. After the decline of Nithia, Mystara was vulnerable to further incursions by off-worlders.

All the followers had their own form of inter-planetary travel, e.g. Followers of Air (Caelum*) had intelligent ships (spirit bounded) that would sail through the void (SpellJammer).

Similarly, the Aequam might have arrived at a later point, landing in an ocean region on some part of the planet (or moon, e.g. what if hollow moon was filled with water).

* I was thinking of names for other groups (1) taerm / earth, (2) aequam / water, (3) caelum / air.