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Twisted Caverns

by Geoff Gander

Here's an idea for the Twisted Caverns: While the Red Duke made his infamous last stand at Greenlee, a portion of his army was blocked by more numerous Darokinian and Akorran forces around the ruins of Orbandas. Facing certain death between two armies, the general ordered his forces to break through the comparatively weaker Akorran lines and strike for the Twisted Caverns - which he remembered the Red Duke in his saner years had stocked as a final redoubt (against the advice of local folklorists). There, he thought, his force of 500 men could hold out for over a month - possibly two if supplies were carefully rationed.

The general, Haran Seladan, was a veteran campaigner, and he led his men to the caverns with minimal loss of life. They were pursued by a token force, who then set watches on all the known exits. They maintained their vigil for weeks, but heard, and saw, nothing. After Irum had been defeated, a larger force scouted the upper levels of the caverns, and found mostly untouched stockpiles and some evidence of brief habitation, but nothing more.

To this day, many locals believe Seladan and his lost army still wander the caverns, looking for a way out. Some even claim to hear faint moaning coming from the caves on quiet nights.