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The Unrepentant Dead

by Giampaolo Agosta

Undead Spirit, former Makai Shaman
Uncorporeal 20/Shaman 18, LE
Str 12, Int 14, Wis 18, Dex 11, Con 13, Cha 15
AC -1 (requires +2 weapons to hit), HD 9+20, HP 65
Attacks: 1 unarmed, damage 1d10 or powers (Wail, Finger of Death)
Skills (9): Leadership 15, Religion 18, Code of Law and Justice 18, Detect Deception 18, Deception 15, Bargaining 15, Knowledge (Limbo) 14, Language (Makai Native, Ierendian 14, Taymoran 14)
Special Abilities (6): Summon, Magic Resistance, Possession, Wail, Spell-like Abilities: Animate Dead, Finger of Death (at will)
Unique Abilities: The original curse the Unrepentant Dead cast on the Makai defilers of the ancient graveyards allows him to retain control of his Uncorporeal pawns indefinitely. He loses control of other pawns according to the standard Undead Liege rules.

The Unrepentant Dead is the spirit of an ancient, evil Makai shaman. The shaman took precautions before death so that his spirit would linger in Limbo, ready to protect his tribe. When northern Ierendi islanders plundered the tombs of his (long-extinct) tribe, the Unrepentant Dead arose as an Undead Spirit and slaughtered the offenders. Not content with such justice, he cursed them and raised them as undead wights, then sent them back to attack their former villages.

Since then, the Unrepentant Dead has gathered a large number of followers, mostly spirits of Makai warriors, who inhabit corpses in the ancient burial grounds in the Nyx's Post Pile region. A large number of mindless dead -- skeletons and zombies -- round up the Unrepentant Dead's army.
The Unrepentant Dead aims at reclaiming the archipelago for the Makai -- albeit for the undead Makai. He therefore opposes Donatello "the Black" Matrongle and his pirates, and attempts to persuade the Makai mummies to join his crusade.

The Makai spirits of Limbo's Nula have ostracized the Unrepentant dead. He and his followers rarely enter Limbo, except in emergencies, since they cannot rely on the animated dead there.