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Ur-Carnifex Bow Weapon Mastery:

by Geoff Gander

Ur-Carnifex Bow Level Ranges Damage Defence Special Effects
(P=M) Basic 50/100/150 1d3 NA NA
2-handed weapon Skilled 60/110/160 1d4+1 H: -1AC/1 stun (s)
Missile fire Expert 80/130/170 1d4+3 H: -1AC/2 stun (s)
Master 90/130/180 P=2d6
H: -2AC/2 stun (s/m)
Grand Master 110/140/190 P=1d8+6
H: -2AC/2 stun (s/m)


Defence: This means that, once skilled level has been reached, the person using a splinter arrow will gain a bonus of -1 to his or her AC against the first attack made against them in a round of battle.

Special Effects: Stun (s) means that, when a target is hit at short range, they must save vs. Death Ray or be stunned, so long as the target is roughly the same size as the attacker or smaller. Stunned victims move at 1/3 their normal movement rate, and cannot attack or cast spells. Victims also have a +2 penalty to AC, and a -2 penalty to saving throws, but they may make a saving throw vs. Death Ray each round to recover from the stun effect. Stun (s/m) means that the above occurs if the target is hit at short or medium ranges.