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Revamping WotI

by David Melik

I read about Cthulhudrew revamping WotI. I too, found things in it that I felt needed to be improved, although that was one of my very favourite boxed sets. Lets discuss it if you want to.

First, I thought that PCs should be able to become an immortal in the sphere of entropy if they really wanted to. Even if PC's don't try to achieve immortality in it (which they often wouldn't), I felt that we need the details about it for NPCs at least. The title I thought up for it was Dark Lord. The quest, of course, to retrieve an artifact of entropy through negative things such as violence, deception, trickery, betrayal, etc.. I thought the testimony would be to get a second-in-command and successor that must rise 12 levels in his service. The trial I thought up would be to create something entropic, like Hel creating those "night creatures" or whatever, or maybe some nasty magic item. The task could be to spread entropy in some way, like that devilfish who slew so many whatever-they-weres, or to have a war and take over an area with orc hordes or something. As you can see, I haven't written it down yet. I thought about it a long time ago, and now was reminded by Cthulhudrew, so what do you other people think? I'll probably remember some more stuff, or be reminded by people on the list.

Well, artifacts was another thing. I didn't like the numbers they had for the different categories there. This is my original table (and now I think I had better improve it too): I changed the attack, info., transform, defence categories to just minor, lesser, greater, major powers, depending on the Power Point cost. In adverse category depends on the power/severity of the adverse affect. I suppose below greater is a penalty and above lesser is a handicap, generally. Oh yeah, The Power Points are high because I was in the process of revamping that system too, to make them more precise, and letting immortals pay a TP point for each spell level of a spell they cast under 10th. This is what I wrote down for powers:

minor 25 PP up to 3rd lev. spells
lesser 100 PP up to 6th lev. spells
greater 500 PP up to 9th lev. spells
major 1000 PP up to 12th lev. spells

note - if anyone incorporated the Divine Magic Netbook into WotI, I would be interested in discussing this.

minor lesser greater major
max power points 2400 4800 9600 19200
max powers 10 20 40 80
max power types
minor 4 8 16 32
lesser 3 6 12 16
greater 2 4 8 12
major 1 2 4 8
recharge rate not done yet

adverse affects
1 minor per 4 minor powers
1 lesser per 4 lesser powers
1 greater per 16 greater powers
1 major per artifact

Okay, I also decided that the immortal XP table and level info should be improved. Here's what I did so far. Their XP goes up about 1000 PP a level. HD starts at mortal HD, then goes to 50(unless their mortal HD is higher), and then 1 more a level after it reaches their mortal HD. The same goes for HP, but it starts at 100, goes up 100/lev. to 10th, then 1000/level. antimagic also goes like this, but starts at at least 50, and + 1% per level. The same goes for AC, at least 0, then improves -1/level. Attacks must be at least 5, then goes up 1 per title, and attack damage starts at 5d6 and goes up 1d6 a title also.

I also think that each power should cost 1 slot, and they can get the abilities of being or class, and the form of any being also, as a power, not just dragon, Mystic, or Thief. Of course, they can't get abilities or forms of creatures more powerful than immortals, like Draedens and Megaliths, or Vortex creatures if they are exceptionally powerful.

Recently I got Deities and Demigods, and now I think that immortals should be able to have classes too, like mortals, and gods from this book, a.k.a. Legends and Lore in a later incarnation. I think that immortals should have more powers like in here too. If anyone has done this, or wants to, I'd like to discuss it.

My improvements that I made to WotI are being revised and tested, and I would like it if people tested and disagreed with it, in order to improve it even more. I did this a while back and see that it needs some vast improvements too.

Oh, a neat thing I found out a while ago is that the demons/fiends in the D&D immortal products are quite similar to the demons of type I to VI and the succubus in the 1st ed Monster Manual, but I'm not sure what they are in 2nd ed. So, you can find out more about them from there if you want to, and maybe use some variations to surprise players.

I know that some of you know this already, but some people probably don't. I thought it was amazing when I found out, and when I saw the picture of the glabrezu in the MM I thought I had seen it before somewhere, and realised it was the equivalent of the howling demon/fiend.