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Veiled Society: Session III

by Joaquin Menchaca

Ak. This is a weird session. It seems one PC turns evil, but attempts to justify his actions. I told him that a Linarii monk once said: "If you justify madness, then madness will become the justification". The other PCs, never considered knocking on any door to find refuge. When they were locked outside the inn, they couldn't figure out what to do. So, I had an NPC knock on the door, and have the inn keeper gingerly usher everyone in.

I'm not sure how to handle the now Evil PC that things he is not evil.


Fight Club and Ancient Caves (Part I)

Through more adventures under Baron Vorloi's guesthouse, the party comes across a fight club in another cellar, with participants including "Torenescu brothers", peasants, and some of the city guards and a pit descending downwards.

The party descends down the pit and explores that area where they discover ancient hieroglyphs and paintings of spell casters, demons, jackal-headed men, beastmen, and a beholder. The party has several close encounters with traps. At least four members came very close to death.

The party made their way back to the Inn, where they discovered a celebration by the other adventuring party. They made good on their adventures and show the party a prized magical elven sword and a magical ring they was taken from the goblin chieftain's horde.

Oration of Chaos (Part II)

The party marches off to the house of Zweiss Radu and investigate his cellars, as this is one of the marked places on the Veiled Society map. Along the way they come across gathering, and investigate. An orator is inciting the crowd about how nobility and the Torenescu clan are the cause of their problems. The crowd quickly turns into pandemonium as one lobs a stone at a horseman. The horsemen move in to attack the crowd, and the crowd in turn responds. Vilk attempts to calm the crowd by telling them to be calm and "lay down". The crowd unconvinced as the horsemen are attacking them, continue to pull the horsemen off their mounts.

A woman throws a stone, and Vilk lays into the peasants by bashing down the helpless woman in front of her child. The crowd responds angrily and surrounds Vilk.

The rest of the party (Mitai, Simion, and Mihai) breaks into a home, causing its residents to flee in a panic. Alphy escapes the area and explores for escape routes, but discovers marching phalanxes that block off the streets.

Around the same time, Vilk starts slashing gaping wounds into the peasants, and later beheads several peasants in one mighty cleave. After a minor confrontation with Vilk, Moric attempts to stabilise some dying peasants and some wounded horsemen.

The crowd eventually overcomes the horsemen and then run off in different directions.

Crowd Control (Part III)

Moments later the crowd comes pouring into plaza.

Alphy returns and informs the burglars (Mitai, Mihai, and Simion) of the oncoming phalanxes. Mitai comes up with an ingenious plan to disguise themselves as guardsmen, and slip off in the chaos. Vilk, standing on the dais with his greatsword dripping of blood of slayed peasants, attempts to convince the crowd to be calm and "lay down". With the child yelling, "That bad man hurt my mommy!", the crowd remains in suspense.

One peasant tries to command the crowd and tells them to barricade the plaza. Moric shoots off an arrow at the peasant leader, and in turn the crowd responds to the new threat by surrounding Moric. Vilk takes a horse, and trots down the street to unsuccessfully negotiate with the marching phalanx. Moric tumbles out of the way and finds refuge from Dmitros, a peasant who hit hard times due to Thyatians confiscating their homesteads during the initial occupation.

The phalanxes came up to the street, and slaughtered most of the crowd and hauled others to prisons to await their executions.

* Accomplishments
o Missed appointment with Theosius for the delivery of package.

* Notable Events
o Explored Parts of Ancient Tunnels
o Discovered Secret Fight club
o Survived Riot and Town Militia * Encounters
o Peasant Rioters (160) - amidst the confusion and utter pandemonium, one party member attempted to stabilise the wounds of felled peasants, while another murders them.
o Town Militia (84) - One member tries to stabilise wounds of fallen horsemen, another tries to negotiate with marching phalanxes, and other party members disguise themselves as guards, and bluff their way out of the situation.
o Pit Trap - Moric, the elven archer-wizard, discovers a pit trap by falling into it.
o Electric Trap - Alphy cannot resist his urge to open a false door, which springs a lightning bolt that nearly toasts the party.
o Statue of Archer - Party figures out how to bypass the statue, but in the end Vilk marches by confidently and is almost annihilated.