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Alternative Belcadiz Relic - The Well of Thoughts

by Lost Woodrake

At the centre of the Belcadiz clan stands the Well of Thoughts. From the outside, it looks like a standard stone well - that floats several inches above earth. From the inside, it is a deep - maybe bottomless - well, full of golden mists. At the depths of the well, the mists are rather dense - but there are a very few of them near the surface.

The mists of the well can be used to create the rare Fans of Lust. A long process, using a large amount of condensed mists, creates each fan. Only the Keeper and her aides know the art of catching the mists and moulding them.

The mists themselves can be acquired only from the surface of the well - and only on Full Moon. The mists are caught within the moon's reflection in the well - and ancient magic is needed to extract them from it. Nobody can enter the depths of the well - since he'll be lost forever in the mists, in his own memories and desires, as well as in others. It takes 49 years to create one fan.

The fans themselves can be used to inflame lust and desire in others. However, each such use of the fan reduces its mists - and the fan is destroyed after 7 uses. Therefore, Belcadiz Elves hardly make such a use of the fans - since they are needed for a much more important use.

Seven Fans of Lust can be combined to create a large Mirror of Memory. To start the process, the Keeper and her aides must enter a trance-like state after a very long session of ritualistic Flamenco dancing - using the Fans of Lust. The dance highly amplifies the dancers' emotions and sense of self. However, any slight interruption can ruin the dancers' state - and the whole process. The mirror - made from the well's golden mists - enables the Belcadiz Elves to travel into the clan's collective memories. Sometimes a trip inside the mirror takes the traveller into the actual past, and enables him\her to alter events (with all the possible mess that might occur as a result). In other times, however, the traveller might find himself in the clan's collective subconscious - a strange world of Surreal Symbolism. His acts in such a world might have drastic affects on the clan's mentality.