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Wendar (Elven Kingdom of)

Location: North of Glantri and Ethengar, south of Denagoth and west of the Heldannic Territories. OW

Area: 78,170 sq. mi. (202,460 sq. km.).

Population: 370,000, roughly 45% humans and 55% elves.

Languages: Elvish (Genalleth dialect), Heldannic.

Coinage: Di (gp), on (sp), teci (cp).

Taxes: 20% income tax, collected yearly.

Government Type: Monarchy.

Industries: Logging, agriculture (grows barely enough for its own use).

Important Figures: Bensarian of Kevar (Prince-Regent).

Flora and Fauna: The region boasts tall ancient sequoias and pines, along with other evergreen trees that make the logging industry most profitable. Throughout the whole region the terrain is rocky and difficult to cultivate, hence only the most resistant and healthiest plants and crops can grow here. Animals commonly encountered in Wendar are moose, elks, bears, wolves (in forests), horses, boars, snakes (in open fields and hills) and even mountain lions. The land is far from being tamed, and the monstrous species abound, especially near the Mengul Mountains and the Wendarian Range, including snow apes, white apes, giant bats, dragons (white and green), giant ferrets, sasquatches and unicorns. Tribes of ogres and trolls have been reported living in the Mengul Mountains, while actaeons, centaurs, dryads, fairies, fairy folk, gremlins, treants and wooddrakes can be encountered in the forests.

Further Reading: X11 Saga of the Shadow Lord, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: After he regained control of his body following the Day of Dread, Bensarian set upon rooting out the evil agents of Idris and undoing the damage they wrought to Wendar. However, Idris had already established a neat control over many Wendarians, notably the human population, and fought to retain Her grip on the nation. Humanoid and monster attacks on Oakwall and other communities did nothing to restore confidence in Bensarian, especially after he refused to use the Elvenstar to repel them, while the Church of Idris gained further gratitude for helping out. Dark phenomena of unknown-but dreaded-origin in the Baamor Woods made the Wendarians even more restless.