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The White Shields

by John Hare

Carrying oaksteel shields which are made of light coloured woods and stained white, these shields are special in that there is a small catch on the front of the shield that can be rotated over to uncover the continual light spell at the centre.

The White Shields are primarily town guards and because of the mix of elves and humans was decided to employ some quick light source that isn't flammable for patrolling after dark.

Occasionally some of these shields are used by trackers following some bandits when the weather forecast doesn't look favourably to wait until morning.

These shields are not created all by one craftsman, in fact several where apprentice made but of decent enough quality to be enchanted with oaksteel.

Several shields made by a certain craftsman have a special compartment to hold a small flask. The design is worked in so well however that there is no structural flaw because of it. It seems that the craftsman in question had to do a stint or two in the White Shields and liked to keep a little drink handy for those cold nights.