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Weapon Mastery - New Weapons

by Cab Davidson

I've been running my classic D&D campaign more or less forever, and while nearly everything you could need is right there in the rulebook, I've added a few extras here and there. The weapon table is already superb, but I've added a few extras over the years.

While it may seem indulgent, two weapons necessitated a whole new category. In addition to Hand Held Weapons Never Thrown, Hand Held Weapons Easily Thrown, Hand Held Weapons Rarely Thrown and Missile Device weapons, I've included chackram and shuriken in a new Thrown Weapons section - while a chackram may be used defensively (and to deflect or disarm an attacker) in melee, it cannot be used offensively in hand to hand combat.

Included a the bottom of the page is an updated ammunition table with some changes from the RC and including amminition for the weapons listed herein.

Missile Fire Devices

Hand Crossbow          
Cost: 80 BS 30/65/100 1d4    
Enc: 20 (small) SK 40/70/100 1d6 H: -1AC/1  
P=H EX 50/80/100 1d6+2 H: -1AC/2 Delay (s)
1 hand (use) MS 60/85/100 P: 1d8+4
S: 1d6+4
H: -2AC/2 Delay (s)
2 hands (load) GM 70/90/100 P: 1d6+6
S: 2d4+4
H: -2AC/3 Delay (s)

Prodd (pellet crossbow)          
Cost: 60 BS 80/120/200 1d4    
Enc: 60 (med) SK 100/140/200 1d6 M: -1AC/1 Stun (s/m)
P=A EX 120/160/200 2d4 M: -2AC/2 Stun (s/m)
2 hands MS 130/170/200 3d4 M: -2AC/3 Stun (s/m)
  GM 150/180/200 4d4 M: -3AC/3 Stun (s/m)

Pellet Bow          
Cost: 30 BS 50/100/150 1d4    
Enc: 25 (med) SK 60/110/160 1d6 H: -1AC/1 Delay (s)
P=A EX 80/130/170 2d4 H: -1AC/2 Delay (s)
2 hands MS 90/130/180 3d4 H: -2AC/2 Delay (s)
  GM 110/140/190 4d4 H: -2AC/3 Delay (s)

Hand Held Weapons, Rarely Thrown

Broad Axe          
Cost: 10 BS -/-/- 1d6+1    
Enc: 50 (med) SK -/5/10 1d6+3 M: -1AC/1 Delay
P=M EX 5/10/15 1d8+3 M: -2AC/2 Delay
1 hand MS 5/10/15 P: 1d8+5
S: 1d6+6
M: -3AC/3 Delay
  GM 10/15/20 P: 1d10+5
S: 1d8+5
M: -3AC/4 Delay, Stun

Cost: 8 BS   1d6    
Enc: 75 (med) SK   1d6+3 A: -1AC/1 Deflect (1)
P=M EX -/10/20 1d6+5 A: -2AC/1 Deflect (1)
1 hand MS -/15/30 P: 1d8+8
S: 1d6+7
A: -3AC/2 Deflect (2)
  GM 10/25/35 P: 1d8+10
S: 1d6+8
A: -4AC/3 Deflect (2)

Hand Held Weapons, Never Thrown

Flail, Light          
Cost: 10 BS   1d6    
Enc: 50 (med) SK   2d4 H: -1AC/1 Disarm
P=A EX   2d4+4 H: -1AC/2 Disarm (save +2), Delay
1 hand MS   1d6+7 H: -2AC/3 Disarm (save +3), Delay
  GM   1d6+9 H: -3AC/4 Disarm (save +4), Delay

Flail, Heavy          
Cost: 15 BS   1d8    
Enc: 80 (large) SK   1d12 H: -1AC/1 Disarm
P=A EX   2d8 H: -2AC/2 Disarm, Stun
1 hand (Strength 3-15) MS   2d8+4 H: -3AC/2 Disam (save +1), Stun
2 hands (Strength 16+) GM   2d8+8 H: -4AC/3 Disarm (save +1), Stun

Holy Water Sprinkler          
Cost: 9 BS   1d10    
Enc: 150 (large) SK   1d10+3 H: -1AC/1 Deflect (1)
P=M EX   1d10+6 H: -2AC/1 Deflect (1), Delay
2 hands MS   P: 1d10+10
S: 1d10+8
H: -2AC/2 Deflect (2), Delay
  GM   P: 1d8+16
S: 1d8+12
M: -3AC/2 Deflect (2), Delay (save -1)

Cost: 10 BS   1d4    
Enc: 15 (small) SK   1d6 H: -1AC/2 Double Damage (20)
P=H EX   2d4 H: -2AC/3 Double Damage (19-20)
1 Hand MS   P: 3d4
S: 2d4+2
H: -3AC/4 Double Damage (18-20)
  GM   P: 4d4
S: 3d4+1
H: -4AC/4 Double Damage (17-20)

Cost: 9 BS   1d6    
Enc: 90 (large) SK   1d6+4 A: -1AC/2 Deflect (1)
P=A EX   1d8+4 A: -2AC/2 Deflect (2)
2 hands MS   1d8+6 A: -3AC/3 Deflect (2), Stun
  GM   1d8+9 A: -4AC/4 Deflect (3), Stun

Cost: 2 BS   1d8    
Enc: 80 (large) SK   1d8+2 A: -1AC/1 Delay
P=M EX   2d8 A: -2AC/1 Delay, Double Damage (20)
2 hands MS   P: 2d8+2
S: 2d8+1
A: -2AC/2 Delay (save -1), Double Damage (20)
  GM   P: 2d8+6
S: 2d8+3
M: -3AC/3 Delay (save +2), Double Damage (19-20)

Tetsubo (pole mace)          
Cost: 10 BS   1d8    
Enc: 80 (large) SK   1d8+2 H: -2AC/1 Delay
P=A EX   1d8+4 H: -3AC/2 Delay
2 hands MS   1d8+8 H: -3AC/3 Delay, Stun
  GM   1d8+10 H: -4AC/4 Delay, Stun

Thrown Only Weapons

Cost: 2 BS 10/30/50 1d3    
Enc: 2 (small) SK 15/35/55 1d5   +1 initiative
P=H EX 20/40/60 1d8   +2 initiative
1 hand MS 25/45/65 P: 1d10
S: 1d8+1
  +2 initiative, double damage (20)
  GM 35/55/70 P: 1d12   +3 initiative, Double Damage (19-20

Cost: 5 BS 20/40/60 1d4    
Enc: 10 (small) SK 40/50/65 1d6 H: -1AC/1 Deflect (1)
P=M EX 50/60/70 2d4 H: -2AC/2 Deflect (2)
1 hand MS 60/70/80 P: 2d4+4
S: 1d6+4
H: -2AC/2 Deflect (2), Disarm
  GM 70/80/90 P: 2d4+7
S: 1d6+6
H: -3AC/3 Deflect (3), Disarm (save +1)

Hand Held Weapon, Easily Throw

Throwing Axe (Fancesca)          
Cost: 6 BS 20/30/40 1d4    
Enc: 15 (small) SK 30/40/50 1d6 M: -1AC/1  
P=M EX 40/50/60 1d6+2 M: -2AC/2  
1 hand MS 60/70/80 P: 1d6+4
S: 1d4+4
M: -2AC/3  
  GM 70/80/90 P: 1d6+6
S: 1d4+6
M: -2AC/4 .


Hand Crossbow: This smaller version of a crossbow can be used to launch a miniature crossbow bolt with a single hand. Two hands are required to load it. It can therefore be used to target a for while using a shield, but a shield cannot be used while reloading - in a round when the hand crossbow is both loaded and used a shield may not be used.

Prodd: Essentially a light crossbow that uses lead or stone bullets rather than bolts. A prodd may be used by a cleric.

Pellet Bow: A short bow with a modified string that incorporates a leather pouch to contain a stone rather than a plain string to loose an arrow. A pellet Bow can be used by a cleric.

Broad Axe: A large, single handed war axe.

Morningstar: Similar to a club or a mace, with sharp spikes protruding from the end.

Flail, light: Between one and three spiked balls attached to chain, mounted on the end of a short handle.

Flail, heavy: similar to a light flail but significantly heavier and more damaging, with a longer handle allowing two handed use. Characters with a +2 strength bonus or greater (16 or more strength) can use a heavy flail with one hand, otherwise two hands must be used.

Holy Water Sprinkler: a pole arm consisting of a spiked, clubbed end on a long, reinforced pole.

Haladie: A small weapon consisting of a single handle with dagger blades protruding from either end. Unlike a dagger it cannot be thrown, but offers slightly more protection.

Kumade: An adapted agricultural implement, effectiely a long, sharpened rake.

Scythe: A two-handed agricultural implement used for harvesting grains, but which can be used as a weapon. While less effective than many other two handed weapons, some religious cults and cultures may favour its use.

Tetsubo: An elongated, two handed mace. Intermediate in length between a spear and a true pole-arm. A cleric may use a tetsubo.

Shuriken: Small, typically star or dart shaped sharp object, too small to use in melee but easy to carry in number. Those adept in the use of this weapon gain a bonus to individual initiative when throwing shiruken.

Chackram: A flat, steel hoop with the outer edge sharpened, usually around the size of a large dinner plate, the chackram cannot be used offensively (but can be used to defend or deflect against attacks) in melee but can be thrown.

Ammunition Table

Weapon Type of Ammunition Standard Load (# of shots) Cost Enc (shots per cn)
Blowgun Dart 5 1 5
Bow (long or short) Arrow 20 5 2
  Silver Arrow 1 5 2
Crossbow (light or heavy) Quarrel 30 10 3
  Silver Quarrel 1 5 3
Sling, Pellet Bow Strone or pellet 30 1 2
  Silver pellet 1 2 2
Crossbow, Hand Dart 30 10 4
  Silver Dart 1 5 4
Prodd Bullet 30 10 2
  Silver Bullet 1 5 2