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For your delectation and delight, here's another Wendar timeline. Thanks of course go to Marco and OldDawg upon whose work this is heavily based. The idea was to create a timeline that was focussed a bit more on the Genalleth valley rather than Denagoth and the wildlands. It's designed to be (almost) completely compatible with the ones in the Wendar and Denagoth Gazetteers and also understandable for someone with no background knowledge of X11. I've also brought it into line with Almanac Canon (it's a personal preference) - hence 'almost compatible' :o)

I've had to make some assumptions about the exact status of the valley at various times but I think the result is convincing. I've essentially worked with the comments regarding racial tension and the High Lords in the Gaz. Names have also been changed to reflect Thorf's most recent (fabulous) map. In the spirit of OldDawg's editing comments I've made it as short as I could.

As always this is suggestion only. Take or leave what you want. Thanks again to all who've worked on Wendar in the past. Hope you like it.

Wendar timeline

by Colin D. Wilson

BC 5000: The first great elf civilisation, Evergrun, rises on the southern continent.

BC 3000: The Great Rain of Fire. On the southern continent the elven civilisation begins to collapse. The elves move to Vulcania.

BC 2500: The second exodus of southern elves leaves Vulcania under Genalleth, an adherent of Blackmoor.

BC 2300: The two elven migrations meet. Ilsundal kills Genalleth, who is replaced by Enoreth.

BC 2200: The Genalleth elves become separated from Ilsundal.
BC 2050: The elves enter a valley north of Glantri and name their new home Genalleth after their long dead leader.

BC 1800: The Genalleth discover the Geffronell on the Denagoth plateau.

BC 1725: The two elven clans spread into the Lothenar Forest and are united under Enoreth, who is declared King of a united elven nation spanning Genalleth, Geffron and Lothenar.
BC 1700: The Glantrian Catastrophe causes a wasting disease in the Genalleth valley. Ten elven heroes, known as the Korrigans, produce the Korrigania (later known as the Elvenstar), which restores the health of the elves.

BC 1688: The elven nation dissolves upon Enoreth's death. A council of High Lords leads the Genalleth. They generally follow the advice of the Korrigans.

BC 1430: The Korrigans seek to protect the Genalleth valley from the Denagothians and create ten stone circles that, with the Elvenstar, act as a protective magical web.

BC 1320: The Korrigan 'Black Wing' begins experimenting with entropic magic. The others banish her from their circle. Shortly afterward the Woods of Baamor begin to darken.

BC 1300: Lothenar elves establish the Kingdom of Forenath in the lands north of Genalleth. The Tower of Twilight is constructed to watch over Baamor.

BC 1200: The Elvenstar and the Korrigans vanish. Knowledge of the circles passes with them. Forenath elves found Soreth in the far north.

BC 1000: Fleeing Nithian encroachment, Antalian tribes settle in the south Genalleth Valley.

BC 900: The Genalleth meet the Antalians. Although considered a less developed race by the elves, some interbreeding begins. The High Lords do not approve.

BC 890: Humanoids invade the north. The High Lords abandon the border and fall back to the Sonnoleth plains. The town of Sylvair becomes the elven capital. Cut off from aid, Soreth disappears and Forenath falls to plague.

BC 700: The power of the humanoids in the north wanes.

BC 662: The High Lord Beldareth erects the town of Nimbeth beyond the northern border.

BC 500: Nimbeth elves establish Thalion. The local humans of the region are driven out.

BC 479: Beldareth is hailed as King of Nimbeth after defeating invading Denagothians at the Battle of Alvar's Stead.
BC 440: The Genalleth High Lords reclaim the abandoned northern border. They swear fealty to the King and join Genalleth to the realm of Nimbeth.

BC 350: The city of Amoleth is founded as the King's seat in Genalleth.

BC 221: Beldareth dies and is succeeded by Geldarion.

BC 184: Human slaves massacre the elves of Thalion after generations of mistreatment. Orcs move into the ruins.

AC 50: Fearing encroaching Denagothians, Geldarion removes the capital of the realm to Amoleth and entrusts the defence of the northern territories to his cousin Arendyll, who remains at Nimbeth.

AC 103: Believing Geldarion to be a weak ruler, Arendyll marches on Amoleth. He is slain at the Battle of King's Sorrow by Prince Lerian. The Prince builds Lerian's Tower to guard Amoleth in future.
AC 110: The Denagothians sack Nimbeth and turn on Genalleth, overrunning Lerian's Tower. The King's armies, weakened by the civil war, are unable to protect the land.
AC 120: The half-elf Wendar organises protection for the village of Gethenar. For the first time he invites humans to fight alongside the elves. Other towns swiftly join.
AC 125: The human-elf coalition becomes known as the Wendarian League.
AC 162: Wendar dies. The village of Gethenar is renamed Wendar in his honour.
AC 192: The Wendarian League is now stronger than the army at Amoleth and the humanoid invaders. They strike northward and retake the lost lands including Nimbeth and Thalion. League humans found the village of Yngvarsvall. The old monarchy and the High Lords now control only a small region surrounding Amoleth.

AC 206: Ellareth, second son of Geldarion, inherits the Amoleth throne.
AC 267: King Ellareth, seeking to regain Amoleth's lost lands and distrusting the humans invades the Wendarian dominions.
AC 281: Indlath, leader of the League, sacks Amoleth and crowns himself King of Genalleth and Amoleth.
AC 283: At the Battle of Two Kings, King Indlath is slain, ending the war. Amoleth once again controls the whole realm but the royal army is weak and the Wendarian League is all but destroyed.
AC 284: King Ellareth decrees that all humans in the realm must submit to elven rule.
AC 287: King Ellareth is succeeded by his daughter AncalimŽ.
AC 292: With the realm weakened after the war, Denagothians pour into the north and lay siege to Nimbeth and Thalion. The remnants of the League refuse to help.
AC 297: Queen AncalimŽ abandons Nimbeth. Thalion is once again isolated.

AC 302: The Denagothians head south and besiege Amoleth. Raiders range throughout Genalleth.
AC 320: The High Lords finally lose patience with the monarchy and raise their own army to protect themselves. They raise the siege of Amoleth but do not return their loyalty to the Queen.
AC 326: At the Battle of Yngvarsvall the High Lords drive the Denagothians from Genalleth. They decide to refound the old realm of Forenath and continue north to Thalion, attacking any elven town that refuses to join them.
AC 339: Queen AncalimŽ of Amoleth is assassinated. Voronwil successfully claims the throne. He makes peace with the High Lords who have been driven back by increasing humanoid activity.
AC 358: King Voronwil, aided by Woodgate volunteers, begins a campaign to retake Nimbeth. The final vestiges of the League disband.

AC 407: King Voronwil discovers the mountain giant Felzuumath in control of the ruins of Nimbeth and lays siege to the City.
AC 412: The siege of Nimbeth is repelled. Felzuumath's forces roll south.
AC 413: Thalion falls for the last time, once again to the humans of the north.
AC 433: King Voronwil dies during Felzuumath's siege of Amoleth.
AC 435: The Woodgate adventuress Nione assembles a band of heroes dedicated to ridding the land of Felzuumath.
AC 452: Nione slays Felzuumath and dies. Maeglin, son of Voronwil, builds a memorial to Nione and vows that Amoleth will not be rebuilt. He renounces the throne and the royal line fades into insignificance.
AC 474: The High Lord Antirion creates a grand coalition of elves and humans. They strike at the orcs and Denagothians, freeing northern Genalleth for good. Antirion rules Genalleth in all but name.

AC 500: Surewatch Keep is erected in the Scarlet Groves. Antirion returns from the Adri Varma Plateau with an artifact but is destroyed by it. The lands surrounding his tower grow corrupted. Without strong leadership the Council of High Lords dissolves. Genalleth is now a collection of semi-independent fiefdoms under elven rulership.
AC 596: Duncan the Clanless unifies the local humans near his village, which he renames Duncansby. He declares himself Overlord and founds an independent human dominion in south Genalleth.
AC 598: The High Lords descend on Duncansby and arrest Thane Duncan for insurrection. The humans of the south revolt and successfully found several human led fiefs. Opportunist local elf lords claim the leadership of the Sonneleth dominions. The High Lords withdraw to the north of the valley.

AC 648: Denagothians and hobgoblins unsuccessfully assault the town of Wendar.
AC 679: Gylharen the elf is born in the town of Wendar.

AC 700: The half-elven mystic Blynnflare establishes Blynnflare Hall near the gnomish enclaves. He begins training disciples in the Way of the Void.
AC 724: Bensarian is born in the Kevar Hills. He is orphaned and raised by elves.
AC 753-763: Bensarian travels throughout Genalleth.
AC 773: Another Humanoid horde invades but is defeated.
AC 793: Halvan, brother to the king of Essuria, studies in Genalleth with Bensarian.

AC 808: Halvan sends the Blackstick to Bensarian, but the sage gives the relic to the Geffronell. As the finder of the Blackstick, Bensarian is entrusted with the Elvenstar. The elves also grant him longevity in payment for researching the history of the elves in the north.
AC 813: Bensarian finishes the Elven Chronicles.
AC 862: Having escaped Glantrian laboratories, dwarves and Halflings settle Dawnblossom-Wyrdal.
AC 864: The poor relationship between humans and elves in Genalleth breaks into minor fighting. The High Lords fear another revolt.
AC 868: Gylharen returns to Wendar from his adventuring and is elected townmaster.
AC 875: Bensarian gives the Elvenstar to Gylharen realising that he is the best hope for the region.
AC 876: With the power of the Elvenstar behind him, Gylharen declares that humans and elves should live as equals in his lands. He reforms the Wendarian League. Humans and elves gradually join the movement.

AC 901: The League controls most of the valley. By popular acclaim, Gylharen is crowned and the League becomes the Realm of Wendar. In the North, the High Lords refuse to submit to a King who treats humans as equals. In the South, the human fiefdoms choose to remain independent of elven rule.
AC 906: Gylharen's policies restore peace between humans and elves in the Wendarian Valley. The southern humans join the Realm.
AC 927: Denagoth invades Wendar in force. The Wendarians are in disarray until Bensarian and Gylharen rediscover the stone circles and activate the Elvenstar. The Denagothians are routed, ending the Wizard's War.
AC 935: The final few High Lords agree to join the Realm of Wendar. The cult of Idris is outlawed.
AC 951: The Korrigan is adopted by the elves of Laurianta. Travellers begin to vanish near the Enchanted Forest.
AC 957: Heldannic refugees settle DalvarhÝfn.
AC 960: Heldanner refugees from Skolgrim/Grauenberg settle the village of Hvollsvatn.
AC 970: Wendar opens ties with Glantri.
AC 982: Wendar opens ties with Alfheim, Darokin and Norwold.
AC 989: Wendar opens ties with the Heldannic Territories and Sind.

AC 1000: Time of the Gazetteers
AC 1008: Alfheim refugees under King Doriath enter Wendar unwittingly bringing Plague. Uumarne grows rapidly with the influx.
AC 1009: Camla, an agent of the Shadow Lord, steals the Elvenstar.
AC 1010: A serious drought withers crops and depletes the water supply in Wendar. Wendarian heroes recover the Elvenstar and it is used to halt the plague.
AC 1013: An elven forester announces the discovery of a type of tree bearing magically healing fruit deep within Wendar's forests. The announcement sparks a rush of treasure-seekers into the wilderness.