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Wokani, the Witches of Glantri

by Web Warlock

The witches of Glantri on the world of Mystara are known as Wokani. The Wokani are a tradition as well as a group of covens found only in the Principalities of Glantri. These witches have survived not only because of their power and secrecy, but in spite of it. Mystara is a world with no gods. In Glantri in particular, the open worship of gods had been illegal, and can be punishable by a hefty fine or even death. That these witch can work in such an environment and among Glantri's great wizard-princes is even more testament to their power.
The Wokani is one of the oldest collections of magic-practicing humans known to history and before. Long before the Princes began to rule, the Wokani were tapping the magic of The Radiance. With the rise of the princes these witches have either had to go into hiding or hide in "plain sight". Often these witches will pass themselves as Sorceresses; that is, as actual wizards. The common folk still refer to them as "Witches". Since most their magic is more similar to wizard magic than other priests, the ruling wizards of Glantri leave them to their own devices, although they do not really trust them at all.
In many ways the Wokani tradition resembles that of the Crone and Venefacia's. While the overwhelming majority of this tradition is female, there are a few males among their number.
Preferred and Barred Covens: Wokani, are very secretive, even more than most witch traditions. Wokani traditionalists may only belong to Wokani covens.
This makes the distinction between Tradition and Coven very difficult for this group. There are other witches in Mystara and even in Glantri, but they are not Wokani.
Role: The Wokani exist to protect the "old ways" of religion before the Princes came. Currently they are disguising themselves as true wizards.
This makes the Wokani very dangerous. Any of the cowan (any non-witch) that discovers a Wokani's secret is most certainly marked for death. While they prefer not to kill anyone normally, the Wokani will to protect their secret.
Weapon Proficiencies: None Required. Most Wokani only chose a weapon that a wizard might, such as a dagger or staff.
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: The Wokani gain the wizard Proficiency of Spellcraft for free at first level.
Equipment: The Wokani needs a small lab to brew her potions. Initial cost is 2d4 x 10 GP at first level and 1d4 x 5 GP per level to maintain after that.
Optionally, the Wokani can use the optional rules for creating and maintaining a lab from the Player's Option Spells & Magic book. This cost is above and beyond that what the witch might require for her Manufacture Potions occult powers.
Special Benefits: As stated before, Wokani practice "hiding in the open".
Since most convince others that they are just another sort of wizard they are less feared than other witches. While they are looked down upon by true wizards, this does not translate to the rest of the population. While she remains within the borders of Glantri a Wokani will never insight a mob, regardless how superstitious the population is. She may be feared, but the people fear the wizards more. Also the wokani gains +1 to reaction rolls while she is within Glantri and she is still believed to be a sort of wizard. If she is discovered to be a true witch then these reaction rolls drop to a -3. Either of this is added to what reaction roll the witch would normally receive.
Special Hindrances: The Wokani suffer the same sort of degeneration that plagues crones. For every Occult power she receives the Wokani permanently looses 1 point of Charisma, to a minimum score of 3. They develop hunched backs, warts, bone deformities and horrible voices. This has led them to become the best users of deceit, charms and shapechange, to avoid being shunned or persecuted by others.
Wokani can not turn or command undead.
Wokani are also looked down upon by true wizards. Their reactions to witches are measured as if the witch were two levels lower.
Wealth: Wokani begin with a random 3d6x10 (different than other witches in that it is not based on her charisma). Some amount of this money goes towards creating a lab.
Races: Humans make up the majority of this tradition, with some half-elves.
While other wizards may be demi-, semi- or even non-human, only humans (and half-elves) are ever admitted to Wokani covens.
Occult Powers
Lesser: Manufacture Potions #1
Minor: Elemental Powers or Manufacture Potions #2 Medial: Create Control Doll
Greater: Shape Change
Superior: Witches' Curse

Holy Days: On the Glantrian calendar wokani worship on the following sabbats.
Nuwmont 2 Spring Equinox
Flaurmont 1 Summer Solstice
Felmont 1 Fall Equinox
Sviftmont Winter Solstice
Eirmont 5 Necromantia (Glantri Halloween)