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Warriors of the Eternal Sun part 3

by Kyle Knight with contributions by Chris Seabrook and Giampaolo Agosta from Threshold Magazine issue 25

Tabletop Conversion of the Dungeons & Dragons game for the Sega Genesis


Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun” is a video game developed in 1992 by Westwood Studios under license from TSR for the Sega Genesis console. It presents a single-player computer-based RPG adventure set in the Hollow World environment, using the classic Dungeons & Dragons rules from BECMI and the Rules Cyclopedia. This article attempts to provide a conversion of the CRPG to a tabletop adventure module. This is the third part of the conversion, continuing from Threshold issue #23: (html copy of the article also here: and Threshold issue #24 (html copy of the article also here:

[Map: Hidden Valley]

Passage to Azcan Lands

[Map: Passage to Azcan Lands]

The passage is located on the north east corner of the valley map in hex 2700. This entire complex is carved out of the surrounding earth with wooden beams every 5’ and running the entire length where the walls and ceiling meet. It overall looks like an abandoned mine. This complex was carved out, and reinforced, by the Azcans to avoid the frequent cave-ins they used to encounter. These passages are used by the Azcans to mount frequent raids on the valley, especially on their hated foes: the Schattenalfen Elves.

Room 1: Rock Statue: 1. After killing the Rock Statue, the party will find a wall w/ many small holes, that requires a combination to pivot. *Code was found at the end of the beastman caves. Without the code, the party can't pass.*

Room 2: Minotaurs 2

Room 3: Minotaur Lieutenant: (Treasure: 512 GP, Leather Armor +1, Potion of Healing(1), Scroll Web, Scroll Dispel Magic, Scroll Magic Missile)

Room 4: Minotaur Chief (Treasure: Scroll Cure Serious Wounds(1), Scroll Cure Light Wounds(2), Scroll Bless(1) & 1,536 GP)

Room 5: Cave Bears 4

Room 6: Stone Giant (Treasure: Potion of Healing (4) & 400 GP)

Room 7: Giant Ants 6 (Bottom right corner area of the map.)

Room 8: Trolls 2

Room 9: Troll Chief (Treasure: Scroll Protection from Evil 10' radius, Scroll Fireball, Ring of Regeneration & 1,024 GP)

Room 10: Tiger Beetles 6

Room 11: Caecilia

Room 12: Owlbears 2

Room 13: Giant Scorpions 4

Room 14: Sabertooth Tigers 3. From here there is the exit to the Azcan jungle.

Room 15: Gelatinous Cube

Azcan Jungle

[Map: Azcan jungle]

[Table: Azcan Jungle wandering monster list]

Roll d10


# Appearing


Azcan + Shaman

1d6 +1 Shaman


Azcan, Warrior



Azcan + Magic-User

1d4 +1 MU


Cobra, Spitting









Viper, Flying


Well of Souls

The waters of this deep pool are generally murky. At specific points in time, the waters become empowered with unusual restorative powers, so that an individual immersed in the pool would be cured as per the Cureall spell, or as per the Raise Dead Fully if the individual was dead ( I would limit to 1x per month.) Due to the properties of this Pool, there is a 5 in 6 (1-5 on d6) chance of Azcans or creatures being present. Remember Raise Dead spells do not work in Hollow World, so Pools are the only way to restore dead PCs.

Azcan Temple

This Temple is made up of hundreds of tons of gold colored mud-brick and made up of 5 levels, or steps. It is 200’ tall and 400’ long along each edge of the base. Unlike other temples to Atzanteotl, this temple’s altar to him is within the 5th and lowest level surrounded by a ring of flames. The altar in the fifth level holds a secret compartment containing numerous Rings of Fire Resistance (1 per PC). A long external stair on the south face of the temple leads up to the first, and higher floor, then from there the PCs can descend down to the fifth floor, the lowest and the biggest.

[Sidebar: Azcan traps]
*Note about traps: Dm’s should select traps based on the examples below. Also, not all traps are actually marked with the X on the maps so feel free to toss in a few surprises.

Examples of various Azcan traps:

#1: A pit w/ sharpened stakes in the bottom! (Dmg: 1d6(fall) + 1 per spike(MAX 4 spikes per PC) (Save vs Breath Weapon to avoid the pit. Dex check to avoid spikes if the Save was failed.)

#2: Spears jab you from holes in the walls! (2 Spears per PC, Attack Roll needed to hit @ an 18 THAC0.)

#3: This room is filled w/ dust that makes you choke! (Save vs Breath Weapon or take 1d6 damage.)

#4: The floor pivots & smashes you against the wall! (Save vs Death Ray to avoid damage or take 1d8 dmg.)

#5: Leather straps w/ barbed hooks tear at your flesh! (3 leather straps per PC, Save vs Paralysis to avoid or take 3d2 dmg.)

#6: Small spikes lie hidden among the stones! (Dex check to avoid or take 1d4 dmg per spike(Max 3 spikes per PC.)

#7: A large stone swings through the area! (Save vs Death Ray or take 1d10 dmg.)

Floor 1

[Map: Azcan temple 1]

Room 1: At the entrance to the temple descending from the external platform above, the party is ambushed by 8 Azcan warriors. Azcan Warrior: 8, Treasure: random

Room 2: Azcan Warrior Level 2: 2. Treasure: Scroll of Continual Light.

Room 3 and 4: Azcan Magic-Users, 1 in each room. Room 4 has the stairs down to the 2nd floor.

Floor 2

*see floor 1 note about traps

[Map: Azcan temple 2]

Room 1: Stairs down from 1st floor, Azcan Magic-User: 1 (South of the top right door in the first big room.). Secret passage on the left wall.

Room 2: Azcan Warriors 2

Room 3: Azcan Shaman: 1 and Azcan Warrior

Room 4: Stairs down to 3rd floor.

Floor 3

*see floor 1 note

[Map: Azcan temple 3]

Room 1 and 2: Azcan Shaman: 1 in each room.

Room 3, 4, 5 and 6: 2 Azcan Warriors each.

Room 7: Azcan Warrior

Room 8 Azcan Magic-Users: 2 guarding the stairs down to 4th floor

Floor 4

*see floor 1 note

[Map: Azcan temple 4]

10 Azcan Warrior of various level are wandering the floor

Room 1: 4 Azcan Warriors and 2 Azcan Magic Users.

Room 2: Flying Vipers: 2 Treasure: Scroll of Continual Dark.

Room 3: Azcan Shamans: 2. Treasure: Potion of Cure Poison, guarding the rooms to the stairs leading down to 5th floor

Floor 5

*see floor 1 note

[Map: Azcan temple 5]

10 Azcan Warrior of various level are wandering the floor

Room 1: Flying Vipers 3 (Flying around in the room).

Room 2: Azcan Magic-Users: 2, 1 at either end of the passage leading to the treasure room. Azcan Shamans 2: 1 at either end of the passage leading to the treasure room, aiding the Magic-Users.

Room 3: Azcan Warrior various levels: 4 and Azcan Shamans: 2 and the High Priest, suggested 14th level. The High Priest is directly across from the hallway leading into the large chamber with the Rings of Fire Protection. Upon finding the central chamber, the party will see the Azcan High Priest standing in a ring of flames gesturing at their group. High Priests Treasure: Ring of Fire Protection(1 per PC), Azcan Jungle map. The High Priest is also wearing Robes of Protection: AC: 2, Bracers of Protection from Normal Missiles and uses a Mace +3 that has the added benefit of casting Cure Serious Wounds x3 per day. He is also wearing one of the Rings of Fire Protection.

Having obtained the Rings of Fire Protections, the PCs now are able to explore The Fire Lands if they return back to the Valley.

Back to Barrick’s Castle

Returning to the castle at this point is not the best idea, as the Duke has now gone totally mad and Marmillian is not far behind him. If PCs talk to the Duke he will throw them out of the city and post guards to keep them from returning, indicating the madness in the castle is getting worse.

The Fire Lands

The Fire Lands are in the north west of the Valley and are besieged by lava fields, so impossible to cross without fire protection.

[Table: Fire Lands wandering monster list]

Roll d8


# Appearing


Dragon, Red



Elemental, Fire



Giant, Fire






Salamander, Flame


Halls of the Dead

[Map: Halls of the Dead]

The entrance of the ominous, silent Halls of the Dead is found in the Fire Lands (at hex 0405). Therefore, it can only be reached by PCs that have recovered the Rings of Fire Resistance from the Azcan Temple, or found alternatives to protect themselves from the scorching heat of the Fire Lands.

The Halls are an obviously man-made structure with symbols scattered throughout on the walls, floors and doors, for a total of 25 glyphs. These symbols are made of spherical black onyx with white gold crescents: the Holy Symbol of the Immortal Nyx. It is obvious, even to a casual observer, that this place is an ancient tomb. All undead in this tomb are treated as 2 categories higher for Turning purposes. Each of the 25 symbols is worth 3,700 gp. However, they are heavily cursed. Anyone trying to steal them is struck by a tri-fold Immortal level curse:

  1. The PC cannot be healed by spells and potions are only half effective.

  2. All Undead are at a +2 to hit the afflicted PC.

  3. The PC is struck with Blindness.

All three conditions last until the curse is lifted by a Cleric of Nyx. In the Hollow World, this means most likely reaching Milenia and finding one of the elusive priests of the Cult of Zargos.

Despite the presence of the undead, this tomb shows no sign of actually having been used: all the undead appear to have been intended as guardians for whomever was meant to be interred here.

Room 1, 2. Each of these small rooms has a complement of 4 Skeletons standing at attention, armed with spears and shields.

Room 3, 4. 4 Ghouls hunger in each of these rooms. They are ravenous, and attack immediately.

Room 5, 6. A single Wight stands in the middle of each of these small chambers. The undead animates as soon as the door is opened, and attacks until the intruders leave the Halls.

Room 7: Burial Chamber. A Shadow stands eternal guard in this large chamber. The walls are covered in murals depicting ancient Taymoran culture, often at times in conflict with fire-wielding Nithian invaders.

Oltec Tradeway

This location is on the north west corner in hex 0103 of the main Valley map. This entire dungeon was once a tri-level structure of Nithian design dedicated to Thanatos that he moved to the Hollow World (to hide from the other Immortals) and divided into 3 sections, connecting them by portals. All of the creatures found within were once the builders; but, Thanatos changed them into monsters as an experiment. All undead in the 3rd section are treated as 2 categories higher for Turning purposes.

[Map: Oltec Tradeway 1]

Floor 1

Creatures are spread throughout the various rooms.

Room 1: Red Dragon: 1. Treasure: Scroll of Anti-Magic Shell.

Room 2: Giant Ants: 28, spread in this and nearby rooms and corridors.

Room 3: Troll, treasure: Displacer Cloak, Scroll of Cure Serious Wounds(2).

Room 4: Fire Beetles: 12.

Room 5: Rock Statues: 2 guarding the nearby stairs down.

Room 6: Fire Giant, Treasure: Sword +1, Scroll Lightning Bolt, Scroll Ice Storm, Scroll Cloudkill.

Room 7: Hellhounds: 12.

Room 8 and 9: 4 Gargoyles in each. Treasure: Potion of Cure Poison(2) in room 9.

Room 10: Zombies: 8 wandering this corridor and nearby rooms.

[Map: Oltec Tradeway 2]

Floor 2

Room 1: Stairs coming down from the 1st floor.

Room 2 and 3: Giant Rat: 8 (4 in each room on either side of the north passage after entering this floor.)

Room 4: Black Widow: 4.

Room 5 and 6: Ogres: 4 in each room. Treasure: Potion of Healing(4), 512 GP east of room 5 in the room hidden behind a secret door. Treasure: 400 GP, Scroll Death Spell, Potion of Healing(2) east of room 6 behind the secret door.

Room 7, 8 and 9: Trolls: 10, of which 4 are in room 8 guarding the secret door hiding a treasure: Sword +2, Scroll Cure Light Wounds(3), Scroll Bless(2). Room 7 has 4 trolls and room 9 has 2 trolls.

Room 10: Giant Scorpions: 10. Treasure: Potion of Cure Poison(4).

Room 11: Skeletons: 8 (room south of the stairs leading down.)

[Map: Oltec Tradeway 3]

Floor 3

Room 1, 2 and 3: Wights: 4 in room 1 and 5 each in rooms 2 and 3.

Room 4: Spectre. Treasure: 1,500 GP, Plate Mail +1, Scroll Dispel Magic, Shield +1, Scroll Confusion behind the secret door.

Room 5: Shadow.

Room 6: Ghouls: 4.

Room 7: Wraiths: 2. Treasure: 1,000 GP, Shield +2, Mace +2, Potion of Healing(2) behind the secret door

Room 8: Upon finding the secret passage you meet an Oltec merchant who offers to help your people in exchange for your opening of this new trade route. She hands you a note for your Duke. You have completed the Duke's quest! You are also given an Oltec Medallion.

Back to Barrick’s Castle (again)

The castle is now abandoned and all house and shops are closed. It looks all torn apart. Only Marmillian remains, in his usual place, and he explains that you are all in a giant zoo and that an evil creature called a burrower is driving everyone mad. He gives you a scroll that you absolutely need to destroy the creature and tells you to go around the valley to the southern swamp, pointing to a specific point (hex 2224 of the Valley map). There is actually a better way to reach the destination, but the DM should judge how to place some hints to led the PCs to it. There is in fact a secret passage in the cemetery that leads directly to the southern swamp. It's hidden in an unmarked grave that is revealed after the townspeople wreck the town and flee. The unmarked grave is actually a collapsed section of ground that was being dug for a new grave. The gravedigger’s body can be found as a current meal for the Tiger Beetles.

The Schattenalfen dungeon

[Map: Shattenalfen dungeon]

This man-made dungeon is clearly of Schattenalfen design and was created as a quick means to cross the swamp/river for quicker access to attacking their hated enemies, the Azcans. All secret doors can be detected by elves with a +1 bonus and by all others at a -1 penalty. Creatures found within this dungeon are either paid mercenaries or highly trained “pets” and as such will not attack any Schattenalfen Elf...or Shadow Elf, if the party is blessed to have one.

Room 1: Cave Bears: 2 (at the entrance from the city).

Room 2: Zombies: 4.

Room 3: Tiger Beetles: 8.

Room 4: Ogres: 6. (Treasure: 432 GP behind secret door to the north)

Room 5 and 6: Stone Giants, 1 in each room: 2| (1 is in the room w/ a secret to the right of it & a secret door south of it. 1 is in the room to the left of treasure #2)

Room 7: Basilisks: 2.

Room 8: A Treasure of 2,000 GP is hidden behind a secret door in the north eastern corner of this great hall with massive pillars.

Room 9: Schattenalfen Elf Warriors: 4.

Room 10: Crab Spiders: 4.

Room 11: Giant Toads: 6.

Room 12: Flapsails: 2

Room 13: Pyro Hydra (in the room leading to the valley swamp exit)

*Exits from the passage into the Southernmost swamp behind a tree.*

The exit leads the PCs to hex 1724 on the southern shore of the lake in the Valley. From there they can reach the entrance to the Elven Caves in hex 2224 of the Valley map.

Elven Caverns

*If the party tries entering without the Oltec Medallion*: A voice booms out: "These passages have been sealed by the Ancients!"

[Map: Elven caverns]

This natural cave system has a slight purplish haze throughout it which acts as a Faerie Fire spell giving some light but negating infravision. The Schattenalfen Elves found within an advanced outpost leading to the Schattenalfen City of Ranthryl. *Subject to change due to location of the city compared to the volcano (ie. Fire Lands)* All creatures found w/in this dungeon were brought/encouraged to live here by the Schattenalfen Elves.

With the Medallion, however: A voice booms out: "These passages have been opened by the Ancients!" The medallion has granted you passage; but, beware, you now enter the Realm of the Dark Elves!

Room 1: The words on the top of the scroll given by Marmillan help you decipher the markings. You chant a phrase & pass through the southern secret door.

Room 2: Giant Bats: 8.

Room 3 and 4: Cave Bears, 4 in each room.

Room 5: Stone Giant (Treasure: 912 GP, Scroll Cure Serious Wounds(4) behind secret door to the east).

Room 6: Rock Pythons 3.

Room 7 and 8: Flapsails, 3 in room 7 and 5 in room 8 (Treasure: Scroll Cure-All(2) in the niche to the west of room 8).

Room 9: Gelatinous Cube.

Room 10: Tiger Beetles: 9.

Room 11: Basilisks: 5.

Room 12: Black Widows: 3

Room 13 and 14: Schattenalfen Elf Warriors: 5 in room 13, 5 in room to 14.

Room 15: Schattenalfen Elf Captains: 3 and 4 Schattenalfen Elf Warrior (Treasure: Scroll of Disintegrate). From here the party can reach the elven city.

Schattenalfen City of Ranthryl

[Table: Schattenalfen Elf City wandering monster list]

Roll d6


# Appearing


Mix(ie. Captain + Warriors)

1 + 1d6


Elf, Captain(L9-10)



Elf, Lieutenant(L7-8)



Elf, 2nd Lieutenant(L 4-6)



Elf, Warrior(level 1-3)



Mix(ie. Captain + Warriors)

1 + 1d6

[Map: Elven City]

In the original computer game as usual the Schattenalfen of the city do not have a group behaviour and just wander around or stay in their location waiting for the PCs to come and kill them. Obviously this is not very realistic in a tabletop game unless the DM decides the place is lighty populated, and most of the streets and houses are empty. In the original computer game there was no scale for the city either so the DM should decide if the place is just a town or a bigger community1.

If the city is populated and well guarded it would be better for the PCs to try to reach the pyramid on the eastern side during a sleep cycle, or disguised as Schattenhalfen, or invisible. Walking the city without precautions is bound to draw unwanted attention almost immediately, as the Schattenalfen are xenophobics and do not accept foreigners in their communities. If the PCs do not take any precautions, they will be attacked in 1d6 rounds by 2 patrols from the wandering monsters list which will be joined in 1d8 rounds by 4 Schattenalfen Captains (E9+, spellcasters), 7 Schattenhalfen Lieutenants (E7-8), 10 Shattenhalfen 2nd Lieutenants (E4-6) and 20 Schattenalfen Warriors (E1-3) which will fight fanatically (Morale 10). If they fail the morale check, they will retreat to the temple pyramid to the east.

The temple is defended by 2 Schattenhalfen Lieutenants, 5 Shattenhalfen 2nd Lieutenants and 10 Schattenalfen Warriors who are on the upper level of the pyramid guarding the entrance to the Immortal Cavern.

A total of 1 Schattenhalfen General (see description below), 13 Schattenalfen Captains, 22 Schattenhalfen Lieutenants, 27 Shattenhalfen 2nd Lieutenants and 45 Schattenalfen Warriors are present in the city. Parts of them should be inside locations 1 and 2, some are guarding the pyramid and the others could be sleeping or wandering the city depending on the time of the day. However they may all join the others at the pyramid if the PCs draw too much attention to themselves.

The DM may decide if the city is also populated by commoners, including children, or if it is only, at least temporarily, a military outpost. The presence of commoners may increase for the PCs the chance of being discovered if they are not disguised, as commoners will report them to the nearest patrol immediately. If commoners are present 1d12 of them could also help the soldiers against the PCs, even if commoners will have Morale 8 instead of 10.

Location 1 is the main military fort of the city and it is normally occupied by the Schattenalfen General (see statistics below) and 2 Captains, 4 Lieutenants, 8 2nd Lieutenants and 14 Warriors..

Location 2 is another military outpost normally occupied by a Captain, 2 Lieutenants, 4 2nd Lieutenants and 6 Warriors. There is also a Flesh to Stone scroll in the building.

During a sleep cycle, the Hollow World equivalent of nights, only the random wandering patrols will be around and all the other officers and soldiers will be in Location 1 and 2. Commoners will not wander the streets. The guard of the pyramid however will always be present in the same number.

Schattenalfen Elf, General: 1 (Spellcaster) (found in Location 1)

Shattenalfen General: 13th level Shattenalfen elf; AC: -2; hp: 71; MV: 90'(30'); # of Att: 1 two-handed sword or by spell; Save: E10; ML: 11; AL: C. S: 18 I: 18 W: 15 D: 16 C: 16 Ch: 15. Languages: Elvish (Shattenalfen dialect), Neathar, Azcan, Traldar, Mapheggi lizard man, Kogolar dwarvish. General Skills(10): Intimidate(S), Armorer(I), Navigation(I), Signalling (Shattenalfen Flapsail-riders hand-signals, I), Caving (W), Alertness(D), Riding (Flapsail, D), Combat tactics (Shattenalfen, I), Combat tactics (Azcan, I), Danger Sense(W). Spells: 7/6/4/4/3/2.

General is an in-your-face, lead from the front kind of warrior. He prefers spells for personal protection, spells to keep his enemies from fleeing and spells to help him find the best loot after a battle. He is known to reward acts of extreme valor in battle; but, will kill any of his men who show cowardice in battle. He also will never flee from an active battle regardless of the odds against him. While a proficient flapsail rider, he prefers standing on his own two feet during combat and will only use a flapsail for long trips. His armor was a gift from the Shattenalfen King for his role in putting down an attempt on the King's life 50 years ago.

Spells generally memorized: 1st-Detect Magic x1, Protection from Evil x5, Read Magic x1. 2nd-Levitate x1,Phantasmal Force x1, Web x4. 3rd-Haste x2, Protection from Normal Missiles x2. 4th-Wall of Fire x4. 5th-Dissolve x1, Passwall x1, Wall of Stone x1. 6th-Move Earth x1, Flesh to Stone x1.

Spells in spellbook: 1st-Detect Magic, Hold Portal, Light*, Protection from Evil*, Read Magic. 2nd-Continual Light*, Detect Evil*, Knock, Levitate, Locate Object, Phantasmal Force, Web, Wizard Lock; 3rd-Dispel Magic, Fly, Haste*, Infravision, Protection from Evil* 10' radius, Protection from Normal Missiles; 4th-Remove Curse*, Wall of Fire, Wizard Eye; 5th-Dissolve, Passwall, Wall of Stone; 6th-Anti-magic Shell, Move Earth, Stone to Flesh*.

Magical Items: Two-handed sword +3/+5 vs. Humans; Draconic Elven Chain Mail +5 (Immunity to all types of Dragon Breath); 5 potions of Super-healing, Scroll of Stone to Flesh.

The Immortal Cavern

A long stairs from the top of the pyramid in the elven city leads down to a complex of natural caverns. This series of natural caves is tinted grass green and radiates a strong sense of evil. All monsters encountered w/in are at a +2 to both attack and damage due to the heavy evil emanations and the fact that they’ve all been driven insane by the Burrowers presence. The lone Mummy and Vampire in here are treated as 3 categories higher for Turning purposes. None of these creatures hold any kind of treasure. Also, due to the strong evil in the caves, Protection from Evil spells and Bless spells, of less than Immortal level, don’t work here.

[Map: Immortal Cavern]

Room 1 and 2: Efreets, 1 in each room.

Room 3: Medusa: 2.

Room 4: Stone Giants: 5.

Room 5: Mummy.

Room 6: Fire Giants: 3.

Room 7: Vampire

Room 8: Chimera: 2.

Room 9: Pyro Hydra.

Room 10: BURROWER. The creature cannot be beaten, the PCs have to use Amelya’s scroll received from Marmillian to summon the Immortal Ka the Preserver.

[Image: Appearance of Ka]
Caption: Appearance of Ka, original drawing by Justin Pfeil, aka warriorneedsfood on The Piazza, check his Keeps on the Borderland comic

Ka appears and battles the Burrower. The Burrower appears to be a Giant Squid-like being, while Ka appears to be similar to a T-Rex. After a violent battle, Ka kills the Burrower and addresses the party:

"You have done well, my children. I now know that these abominations still exist. It was this creature which poisoned the minds of your people. I have healed all who live. Return as heroes of your people for I have told them of your achievements."


The party can now return to Castle Barrik. They still have to pass through the Shattenalfen city, but the DM may decide Ka will teleport them directly to the castle.

Upon returning to town, the party finds it restored and are given a heroes’ welcome.

The party meets w/ Duke Hector Barrik:

"My heroes...I was not myself and treated you unfairly. Allow me to attempt amends. Each of you will be the leaders of your guilds. We will rule this land together and try to make peace with our neighbors. Words cannot express my gratitude."

If the PCs were native of the Valley they still could have many adventures to help their people prosper in the Hollow World. They have already established an alliance with the Oltecs to the west, but other surrounding people, mainly the Schattenalfen and the Azcan, are likely to remain a menace for the newcomers.

Credits and Conclusion

Special thanks to Sega, TSR & Westwood Studios for making such a great game.

Special thanks to Mr. Douglas Lanford for his permission to use that vast majority of the maps & for all his hard work as part of the team that made & tested this wonderful game.

Special thanks to Chris Seabrook for his permission to use his castle map & opening Prologue from his walkthrough.

After thoughts

The console version limited classes to: 14th for Humans, 12th for Dwarves, 10th for Elves and 8th for Halfling(Hin). While that’s good for a video game, a table-top version might want to modify that cap. Rather than level limits, I suggest an XP limit. The Magic-User requires the most XP to hit 14th level (1,050,000 XP). Now the console version also didn’t take into account XP bonus for high stats, which would’ve adjusted the MU’s final XP total to 1,155,000 IF they had a 16-18 Intelligence.

In order to purchase all the most expensive gear in the game for a fighter-type it costs roughly 103,275 GP. That doesn’t, however, account for Elves needing to also buy spells. If you figure a rough MAX of 250,000 GP per PC over the course of the entire game, then it drops the amount of XP needed to be gained to 800,000 XP per PC. That total would cover: Monster kills, Story awards and miscellaneous awards (such as good roleplaying).

This will then adjust MAX final levels for several classes. When a MU hits 14th level (1,050,000 XP) a Cleric w/ the same amount of XP would hit 17th level (1,000,000 XP). So the final level range would be: (not counting PR bonus) (notes are based on the 1,050,000 XP amount)

Cleric or Druid: 17th level (1,000,000 XP) note the Cleric/Druid is 50,000 XP short of 18th level

Fighter: 15th level (960,000 XP) note the Fighter is 30,000 XP short of 16th level

Magic-User: 14th level (1,050,000 XP)

Thief: 16th level (1,000,000 XP)

Dwarf: 14th level (1,000,000 XP)

Elf, Elf-Cleric or Elf Druid: 11th level (850,000 XP) note the Elf is 50,000 XP short of 12th level

Halfling(Hin): 11th level (900,000 XP)

If you allow Mystics in a WotES campaign, then they would end the game at:

Mystic: 15th level (960,000 XP) note the Mystic is 30,000 XP short of 16th level

If you allow Dwarf-Clerics they would level as per Elves:

Dwarf-Cleric: 12th level (1,000,000) (This would cap their spellcasting)

If you allow Gnomes in a WotES campaign, then they would end the game at:

Gnome: 10th level (810,000 XP)

If you allow Gnome Spellcasters in a WotES campaign, then they would end the game at:

Gnome Shaman or Gnome Wicca: 10th/8th level (810,000/240,000 XP) note that either version is 20,000 XP short of being a 9th level spellcaster.

If you allow Shadow Elf Shamans, they would end at:

Shadow Elf Shaman: 11th/10th (850,000/300,000)

1Ranthryl is actually a major Schattenalfen city in the Hollow World boxed set map, so the DM may decide to change the name if he/she wishes to use a smaller outpost.