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The Weapon Mastery Pyramid

by Sheldon Morris

I have played around with a system just like JNC myself, and in fact came up with exact same results if I remember correctly. But after continuing to think about it I came to the same conclusions the Blackball. (You might say this thread is a bit of deja vu for me!

The only difference was that I went with these numbers for fighters:
Basic = 1st
Skilled = 3rd
Expert = 7th
Master = 14th
Grand Master = 25th

And these for everyone else:
Basic = 1st
Skilled = 4th
Expert = 9th
Master = 17th
Grand Master = 29th

[Actually, what I ended up using in my campaigns for the 'everyone else' progression added one to those figures, making them for fighter/others:
Mastery Lv = fighter/other
Basic = 1st / 2nd
Skilled = 3rd / 5th
Expert = 7th / 10th
Master = 14th / 18th
Grand Master = 25th / 30th]