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Weapon Materials: Rankings

by Giampaolo Agosta

Thanks! Elemental materials are certainly an excellent option, considering Mystara's close ties with the Inner Planes (many vortices, presence of many elemental beings).

As to the rules on superior/inferior material, these seem very simple and quite balanced (since you have a cap on bonuses). They would work well for typical materials, like glassteel, oaksteel, red steel and the like, less so for truly extraordinary materials like the World Shield ore or the Elven longsword.

Using your rules, materials could be ranked as follows:
(World Shield ore), Isiidium
Adamantite, Blackmoor Steel/Muur Steel
Mithril, Elemental Alloys (Crystalline Ice, Cloudsteel, etc.), Murgvik Shards/Krystalle
Glassteel*, Red Steel*, Blackflame Alloy (minimum), Elven longsword, Marh Vhol
Steel, Oakwood, Emerondian wood
Iron, Bronze, Andahar Onyx
Bone, Obsidian, Silver, Cold Iron, Brass