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BSolo: The Guildhouse

by Sean Meaney from Threshold Magazine issue 13

BSolo: The Guildhouse

A test Adventure for an Apprentice thief.

By Sean Robert Meaney

The Guildhouse


The apprentice is taken to a house - stripped of all equipment - and instructed to steal everything. The quicker the better.

The Pit

Through the entrance is a concealed pit that drops the PC thief ten feet for 1d6 damage (a detect traps is required to avoid). The floor concealing the pit resets plunging the pit into total darkness. It is possible to climb down into the pit (a climb walls check is required). At the bottom there is a set of lockpicks. These can be found after a turn of feeling about in the dark. There is also a crawl that takes the PC thief to a position below a trapdoor leading to Area 4 (climb walls required unless the thief has acquired the rope).

The Guildhouse

Locked Doors

All the doors are reinforced to prevent anyone smashing them down.

Area 1

The door is locked. Within is a hook (iron spike) on which hangs a belt. The spike can be knocked loose with a hammer (see Area 9).

Area 2

An empty belt pouch is on the floor. A tiny poisonous spider.

Tiny Spider: HD 1-1; AC9; MV 30' (10'); AT 1 bite + Poison; DA: 1hp + Save v. Paralysis (1d6 turns); ML11; NA: 1(1); SA: Normal Man; INT: 2; TT U; XP 6

The spider was left by a rival hoping the PC will fail the test.

Area 3

There is a cloak on an iron spike behind the door.

Area 4

This room is otherwise empty of anything interesting other than the trap door that provides access to the pit trap at the entrance.

Area 5

There is a fifty foot rope strung across the room between two iron spikes hammered into the floor in the dark room. A detect traps or a ten foot pole might detect it before the PC trips on it taking a tumble.

Area 6

On the floor there is a locked chest trapped with a needle (1hp). A successful open locks, detect and remove traps will provide access to a shortsword within.

Area 7

This room contains a small sack. The sack is connected to a fine twine that closes the door behind the PC locking the thief in the room. it requires an open locks check to leave the room.

Area 8

This room has a parrot in a cage which awakens and squawks unless a move silently is successful in this area. There is a gold piece in the cage that can be removed without disturbing the bird with a disarm traps (oil the cage door) and a pick pocket check. there is also a treasure map lining the bottom of the cage.

Area 9

The secret door to this room can be detected on a 1 in 6. Within is a small hammer, a flask of oil, and the remaining thieves tools.

Apprentice Rating

Every Item found +1pt (19 possible)

Every turn taken -1pt

0pt: Fail (kicked out of guild)

1pt+: Pass

Treasure map from bird cage (honors)

Bird in cage (high honours)